Recycling Information

Please begin taking items to

Latimore Township Building         York Springs                                          Open Saturdays 10 a.m. – 12 Noon

All items collected directly benefit the Adams County Mission.
The Following Items are Accepted:
  • Aluminum Cans and Steel Cans – only aluminum cans and steel cans (labels can stay on).
  • Bi-Metal Cans – labels may be left on, please rinse.
  • Cardboard – corrugated cardboard and paperboard (such as cereal boxes).
  • Catalogs and Telephone Book – catalogs/telephone books.
  • Newspapers – including inserts (no magazines).
  • Office Type Paper – white notebook paper, copy paper (any color), stationery, church bulletins, office paper, computer paper (remove all staples, paper clips, plastic windows on envelopes, and glossy paper). If shredded, it MUST be in a bag.
  • Clothing and Textiles – please bag or box useable clothing separately. Label unusable items and rags as textiles
  • Plastic – soda bottles, gallon milk or water jugs, detergent bottles and other number one and two plastics (check for a triangle on bottom with a #1 or #2 within the triangle – if it’s not the correct number, we cannot accept it – sorry!)

Please Remember the Following:

  1. Only listed items can be accepted.
  2. Please rinse all cans, containers, etc. for everyone’s health and sanitation!
  3. We need volunteers to help one morning a month – join the team!



Fairview Township, York County*****

Fairview Township’s Electronic Recycling Center reopened to all Township residents as well as all YORK COUNTY RESIDENTS as of Friday, April 1, 2016. The summer hours for the Electronics Recycling drop off will be Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM-4:30 PM at the Yard Waste Facility located at 55 Fairview Road, New Cumberland, PA 17070. Visit Fairview Township’s web site for updates: