2019 Fee Schedule and Forms

2019 Fee Schedule

Click on link below for Fee Schedule, review list and see “Exhibit” that corresponds to listed item (if applicable):

2019 Fee Schedule

Building Permit Application

1. Land Development Check List (with fees)

2. Zoning Permit Application

3. Driveway Occupancy Permit

4. Storm Water Management Application and Permit

5. Storm Water Management Acknowledgement, Worksheet and Agreement 

6. Building Permit Application Form

a. UCC vs NON UCC Building Permit Township Requirements

b. New Solo systems, windmills, geothermal

7. Workers Comp Insurance Certificate

Click on Building Permit Application listed above to obtain the on-line form.

NOTE: Not a legal description of requirements – only an aid.

Any building or improvement (unattached) of 100 sq/ft  or more  requires a permit.  The following information is required at time of application:

If applying for a building permit for a new residential dwelling, the applicant must have a valid sewage permit and  Driveway Occupancy Permit in hand at the time of completing the building permit application.

  1. Property owner’s name, present address and telephone number.
  2. Contractor’s name, address and telephone number
  3. Sketched plan showing the following:
    • Property lines
    • Existing structures
    • Proposed structure(s) and size(s)
    • Location of well and/or septic system, where applicable
    • Driveways
    • Waterways
  4. Sewage application number obtained at Township office
  5. Driveway permit number obtained at Township office
  6. Township driveway permit number (obtain prior to applying for building permit)
  7. State driveways permit number (highway occupancy permit). Obtain prior to application for building permit (Contact PennDOT at (717) 848-6230)
  8. Evidence of Storm Water Management Design Assist Manual Worksheet Owner Acknowledgement approval (if required by Township Engineer)

Construction in the Township other than residential may require the following:

  1. Land Development Plan
  2. Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry approval

Please contact the Township office for additional information. If needed, contact Land & Sea Services (Building Inspector) at (717)-677-7356.