Park and Recreational Area

Franklin Township has two parks, Century Lane Park and Ponderosa Park that have pavilions that are available for rent.

Century Lane Park has two pavilions available to rent at $50.00 each.

Ponderosa Park has one pavilion available to rent at $50.00. There is a kitchen that can be rented for an additional $50.00 fee and a $25.00 security deposit. The security deposit is returned once the event has concluded and the kitchen is inspected for damage, cleanliness, etc.

During/for any sporting tournaments, the cost of renting a pavilion at Century Lane Park increases to $100. Also, there is a $50 per day additional trash cost per day per park.

The park pavilions may be reserved by calling the Franklin (Township office at (717)-432-3773 during business hours (Monday – Friday (8:30AM – 12:00PM, 1:00PM – 4:30PM)). If a requested date is available, a tentative hold will be placed for you on that date. However, in order to secure the date, a minimum donation of $50.00 is required. The first person to make the deposit will be entitled to the pavilion.

Please call as soon as possible to increase you opportunity to get the date that you wish.

Payment is needed within 10 days of making reservation.